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1998 Reunion

Kaveret 3rd reunion concert was on May 28th, 1998 in Ganey Yehoshu'a, Park HaYarkon. It began at 18:30, with Ivri Leader and HaZvuvim as warmups. Kaveret got on stage at 20:40 and perform about 42 songs, 10 of them unplugged, and did 4 sketches. Tal Bergman did additional drumming and percussion. The concert ended at 23:30.
The stage was 67x17 meters, which is enormous in Israeli standards. 300 policemen and 350 security men were at the park, together with 6 ambulances and 40 paramedics.
40,000-45,000 people attended the concert, people from all ages - old fans, young fans and youngsters who weren't born yet at the previous reunion.
Additional information:

    Song List:
  1. Inspite Of Everything (Lamrot HaKol)
  2. I Gave Her My Life (Natati La Hayay)
  3. Remember, Don't Remember (Zocher, Lo Zocher)
  4. Self Service (Sherut Atzmi)
  5. Sailor Song (Shir Malahim)
  6. Goliath (Goliat)
  7. Ani VeAt Az - Yitzhak Klapter
  8. Everything Has Its Price (Shir HaMehiron)
  9. She's So Pretty (Hi Kol Kach Yafa)
  10. Lu Lu
  11. Poogy Tales (Sipurey Poogy)
  12. The Grocery Story (Sipur HaMakolet) - sketch
  13. The Grocery Store (Shir HaMakolet)
  14. Things Could Be Better (Yeled Mizdaken)
  15. Holechet BaDrachim - Alon Oleartchik
  16. Poogy Tales (Sipurey Poogy)
  17. Adulterous Boots (HaMagafaim Shel Baruch)
  18. The People In The Closet (Sipur Ha'Aron) - sketch
  19. Little Kingdom (Medina Ktana)
  20. Ze HaKol Bishvilech - Danny Sanderson
  21. Looking For A Way Back (Mehapes Derech Hazara)
  22. Bil'adayich - Yonny Rechter
  23. Mathematics (Matematika) - sketch
  24. Lama Libech Kmo Kerah - Gidi Gov
  25. The Ballad Of Arivederchi (HaBalada Al Ari VeDerchi)
  26. The Senior (HaVatik) - sketch
  27. The Crux Of The Matter (Po Kavur HaKelev)
  28. Left Handed Octopus (HaTamnun Ha'Iter)
  29. Unplugged medley:
    1. Lo Noda - Danny Sanderson
    2. Ha'Ayara Sheli - Yitzhak Klapter
    3. Ne'ehaz Ba'Avir - Gidi Gov
    4. Erev Shel Yom Bahir - Efraim Shamir
    5. Shir Ro'im - Danny Sanderson
    6. Na'ara BeMishkafaim - Alon Oleartchik
    7. Shir Nevu'i Kosmi - Yonny Rechter
    8. Shu'al BaKarnaval
    9. Yesh Lanu Eretz Nehederet
    10. The Boxer (HaMit'agref)
  30. Hora (Hora He'ahzut)
  31. Yo Ya


  32. Tea And Sugar (Sukar BaTe)
  33. The Surfboard (HaGalshan) - Danny Sanderson
  34. My Own Company (Haver BeHevrat Atzmi) - Efraim Shamir
  35. Remember, Don't Remember (Zocher, Lo Zocher)
  36. It's Been Nice (Nehmad)
  37. Childhood (Shi'ur Moledet)

Yehuda Talit
Michael Tapuah

Executive producer:
Shmulik Bornshtein

Production manager:
Adi Osi

Artistic adviser:
Louis Lahav

Stage manager:
Oren Ben Nun

Production secretary:
Dekel Namdar

Lighting design:
Bambi - Avi Yona

Set design:
Dudu Mezah

Eldad Tamir
Eitan Gidron
"Betty Bam"

Public Relations:
Miri Ben Yosef

Recordings technician:
Yoad Nevo

Recording technician and mixing:
Liron Shefer