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Photomontages of a
fictitious revolutionary 60's band. 2001

: John, Lynda & John
These photos were created for the CD design of The Harved's The Key Of Time album, and were later also included in the poster I designed for the fictitious band. Taking an old photo of two of the guys portraying the band members as my starting point, I replaced the background with that of a mixing room in a recording studio, combined it with a photo of the girl portraying one of the musicians' wife and changed their appearance a bit to make them fit in the 60's rock scene. The final touch was applying headphones to the head of one of the guys. When the composition process was complete, I added grain and noise and lowered the picture's quality, to make it look like a reproduction of an original.

: John
The process was similar here - an existing picture was stripped from its background and was applied a new one, of a mixing console shot in a matching perspective. Longer hair and a moustache were added, as well as a microphone. I then lowered the picture's quality, added grain and noise, and heightened the contrast to give it some true black and white feel.

Click here for Harved Merchandise design.

Click here for The Key Of Time CD design.

: Salvador
Similar process here as well, only that this time I created the new background myself. Using various textures and applying lights, I created what appears like some sort of a nightclub's wall. Luckily, the original picture I chose had the person portraying the drummer in a perfect position for holding drumsticks. After adding those as well as a drumming kit, I lowered the picture's quality, added grain and heightened the contrast, again, in order to give it the look of a reproduction of an original picture from the 60's.