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CD design for fictitious reissue
of a fictitious revolutionary 60's band. 2001

: Front Cover
The fictitious album "The Key Of Time", supposedly recorded by a 60's band called The Harved, is a project I developed with friends. The logo representing The Key Of Time was decided to be the Egyptian symbol of life. As the cover was supposed to have been designed in the late 60's, I tried giving it a rough edge by adding dust and scratches, and some other minor defects, so it would appear as if it wasn't composed digitally. The band's logo, based on a sketch made by a friend, also borrowed from The Beatles' logo.

: Booklet
The 10 pages booklet included lengthy liner notes, printed on a stationary with the band members' picture imprinted on, as well as a centerfold picture of the band and a collection of the band members' pictures.
Click here for Harved Pictures design.

Click here for Harved Merchandise design.

: Tray
Trying to create the impression it was taken directly from the original vinyl design, I kept it simple and in black and white.