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The Website's Story

Hebrew version   תירבע הסרג

Note: The following is my farewell letter originally written in July 1999 after a silly quarrel with Kaveret's members over copyrights issues. It was written at a time of anger and despair, and does not reflect my current feelings about the matter, as I had since straighten things out with Danny Sanderson. But as I think it describes an important phase of the site's history, I decided to leave it on-line.

I decided to open Kaveret's Unofficial Home Page in late 1996 after an accidental meeting with Meir (Poogy) Fenigstein, in which he told me about his plans to reunite Kaveret in 1998.

What started as an information source about the reunion, soon became a comprehensive collection about the band, its members, albums, history, films and more.

The website existed for two and a half years, in which it was updated almost every week, and sometimes even everyday. Things changed when I got an e-mail from ACUM, a foundation which is in charge of enforcing the copyrights law on behalf of Israeli artists, in which I was notified that I'd have to remove all copyrighted materials, i.e. lyrics and chords, from the website, or else I'd get sued. However, when I talked to ACUM on the phone it was also clarified that if Kaveret's members themselves give me their approval of using the materials, ACUM won't have any problems with me and the website.

I called Danny Sanderson, with whom I've been in contact ever since the 1998 reunion, explained the situation and asked for his help. He suggested I'd publish only half of the songs' lyrics and chords. I replied, with a bit of justified (in my opinion) Chutzpa, that it's Ok by me, as it's Ok to post half of his biography and half of his discography. Danny kept quiet for a few seconds, and then said he'd talk to ACUM.

ACUM contacted me again a few days later and updated me with the reached agreement, allowing me to publish up to six songs from Kaveret's repertoire. I found this decision ridiculous and insulting.

My first reaction was to cut down the number of published songs to six songs. As well as six band members. And six albums for each. And six pictures for each. And six songs in each Kaveret album, etc. This was a protest of course, trying to point at the stupidity of that decision.

But unfortunately, it had no effect, so I decided to stop it, return the website to its original form with its full content, without the copyrighted materials of course, and stop updating it. Or simply, to make it into an archive.

Who knows, perhaps some day I'll reopen the website. But till then, Inspite Of Everything, I hope you'll manage to enjoy what was once Kaveret's Unofficial Home Page.

Nadav Lazar.