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CD design for a melancholic
blues album about love and redemption. 2002

: Front Cover
I designed a small black box, referring to black boxes found in crashed airplanes, which hold secrets about the events that preceded the crash. This box was used as a motif throughout the design. I decided to keep most of the cover blank, as if to indicate that as long as the black box (or the CD case) is kept closed, everything stays virgin white and sterile.

: Booklet
The lyrics were printed over a texture of creased paper, like the one you might find in a poet's paper basket. Alongside the texts, I included slightly blurred and transparent pictures of the artist, and a reoccurrence of the black box motif, this time with it being opened, and a red bleeding heart popping out of it, as some sort of a sick Jack in the box. The booklet was printed on both sides of a full A4 paper.
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: Tray
Printed on the same creased paper texture as the booklet, the tray paper includes the opened black box motif, with only the tip of the bleeding heart showing.