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"Twenty Years, Twenty Roses", CD design for an EP,
a parody of poorly made Mediterranean music albums. 2001

: Front Cover
This EP was intended to be some sort of a homage/parody of Mediterranean music albums, which are usually very poorly and ungracefully designed. I found a Hebrew font reminiscent of Arabic calligraphy, and placed the 20 roses which are implied by the album's title in a fashion which would clearly indicate an inexperienced Photoshop artist made it without caring too much for the result... The longest task was giving a picture of the girl for whom the album was recorded an Arab look, which I accomplished by compositing it with a picture of an Arab woman and retouching the result to make the costume fit the girl's features.

: Booklet Back Cover
I used tiles with Arabic ornaments for the wallpaper, and a phrase from the Koran painted in gold for the border. I composited the picture of the artist with a picture of an Arab man.

: Tray
I chose a heavier, somewhat Arab-looking, Hebrew font for the texts, as the light font from the front cover proved to be unusable in small sizes. I kept the design as simple as possible to create the impression it was a hasty job (which it was).