History - 1998

After secret meetings during the end of 1997, which led to rumors regarding an upcoming reunion, Kaveret's members, Danny Sanderson, Gidi Gov, Efraim Shamir, Alon Oleartchik, Yitzhak Klapter, Yonny Rechter and Meir Fenigstein, decided to indeed reunite, to celebrate Israel's 50th independence day and Kaveret's 25th anniversary.

The members started rehearsing, and rebuilt their personal connections. They decided to record two new songs, which will be released on singles towards the concert. They wanted to do only one concert around Israel's independence day, but finally agreed on May 28th 1998, Shavu'ot holiday, as the chosen date.

The reunion was produced by Talit Productions and Hammon Productions, under the sponsorship of Tnuva. Tickets were sold since April, in a wide range of prices: 75-150 NIS per ticket, according to Tnuva's campaign.

In addition, the album Live Summer 1984 was issued in a limited CD edition, which included only 12 songs from the original album, mainly Kaveret's biggest hits. It was decided that the original album won't be released on CD ever, probably due to it's poor sound quality. The CD edition was given away as a prize in the Tnuva campaign, and wasn't released for sale.

On May 1st Kaveret's first new single was released to the radio stations. The song Remember, Don't Remember (Zocher, Lo Zocher) was written by Danny Sanderson, Alon Oleartchik & Meir Fenigstein and composed by Danny Sanderson, Efraim Shamir, Meir Fenigstein, with a small bridge taken from Moshe Vilansky's Hora Mamtera. It had 9 verses, each about a different year in Israel's history, with comments in usual Kaveret humor. Musically, it had a free-style-funky-rap feeling. The song was received in mixed feelings - some claimed it sounded like 'Kaveret of the 90s', some claimed it was ridiculos they 'sank so low they had to do a rap song', and some said it was just a nice and funny promotion song, and nothing more.

On May 13th Kaveret's second new single was released to the radio stations. The song Looking For A Way Back (Mehapes Derech Hazara) was written by Danny Sanderson, Alon Oleartchik, Efraim Shamir & Gidi Gov, and composed by Danny Sanderson, Alon Oleartchik and Efraim Shamir. It was a sweet-bitter love song, in a simple pop style. The song was almost ignored, though Remember, Don't Remember (Zocher, Lo Zocher) really took off.

On May 25th Kaveret performed infront of 300-400 people in Hangar #11 in Yafo, to check their act. Finally, after 6 months of rehearsing, on May 28th, Kaveret reunited for the 3rd time in Ganey Yehoshu'a, Park HaYarkon. The concert began at 18:30, with Ivri Leader and HaZvuvim as warmups. Kaveret got on stage at 20:40 and performed about 42 songs, 10 of them unplugged, and did 4 sketches. Tal Bergman did additional drumming and percussion. The concert ended at 23:30.
The stage was 67x17 meters, which is enormous in Israeli standards. 300 policemen and 350 security men were at the park, together with 6 ambulances and 40 paramedics.
40,000-45,000 people attended the concert, people from all ages - old fans, young fans and youngsters who weren't born even yet at the previous reunion.

On July 1st a documentary about the reunion named Kaveret In The Park (Kaveret BaPark)was broadcasted in Channel 2. The film focused mainly on the concert itself, showing as much songs as could fit in 70 minutes. Some short bits, mostly improvised jokes from the rehearsing room, were edited in, but there were no real interviews with the members.

On September 18th (Rosh HaShana) a triple CD set named Kaveret In The Park (Kaveret BaPark) was released, including the whole concert on two CDs and a bonus CD named On The Way To The Park (BaDerech El HaPark) including chats and improvised songs from the rehearsals period. The 3rd CD also included the two singles released before the concert and the 1984 live hit Kaveret On 45 - a pop medley of the members' solo hits.

Some corrections were made to the concert album before it's release, including a deletion of a short conversation between Danny and Gidi during the unplugged medley, joking about Israel's prime minister Binyamin Nethanyahu...

The triple album was sold well, and lately Kaveret has been negotiating about performing 3 more concerts in the USA in 1999.