History - 1974

Kaveret was chosen by The Israeli Broadcasting Authority (Rashut Ha'Shidur) to represent Israel in the Eurovision contest, due to their success. Danny Sanderson and Alon Oleartchik wrote the song I Gave Her My Life (Natati La Hayay) and Kaveret started rehearsing. The orchestral arrangement was written by Noam Sharif.

600 Million people watched the Eurovision throughout the world that year. Since the Eurovision policy demands a six members or less band, Yonny Rechter didn't get on stage. Instead he conducted the orchestra. Danny had a little problem just before getting on stage - his guitar cable got stuck on something, so he had to pull it out. Luckily, Kaveret performed with a playback.

Abba won with the song Waterloo, and Kaveret got to the 7th place. Later on, Danny said they looked ridiculous, or in his own words: "Something from Turkey, from the 17th century".

Kaveret Issued a Europian single, which included English version of I Gave Her My Life (Natati La Hayay) now named She Looked Me In The Eye as an A-Side, and an English version of Adulterous Boots (HaMagafaim Shel Baruch) now named Morris And His Turtle as a B-Side. The translations were made all by Danny. The single failed to reach the charts in Europe.

Meanwhile in Israel, some thought it was inappropriate to represnt Israel with I Gave Her My Life (Natati La Hayay), claiming the title is a political reference to prime minister Golda Meir, and that the line "There's enough space for a country or two" referred to the Palestinians living in Israel.

Kaveret got back and started touring again with the Poogy Tales show, which included songs that were excluded from the album. Kaveret started recording its next album, Poogy In A Pitah (Poogy BePitah), which was released in mid-1974. Most of the songs weren't new - some of them were from the original opera, some were performed in the Poogy Tales show but never recorded officialy by the band.

The song Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No (Moshe Ken, Moshe Lo) was originally a song Danny wrote during his military service, and was titled Mushroom Revolution (in English).

L'amour Et La Vie was written together with Kanon player Avraham Salman, who also played in the recording.

The song Hora (Hora Heachzut) was arranged by Danny and Alon especially for the Nahal Bands Convention.

Left Handed Octopus was an instrumental piece, originally recorded by Alon and Danny's previous band, The Schnitzels. Here it was recorded together with The Oriental Music Orchestra, conducted by Zuzu Musa.

As can be heard in the album, Kaveret's members started using different instruments. In addition to the orchestra and the kanon, they used flute (Gidi Gov), moog (Danny), melotron (Danny and Yonny), hammond organ (Yonny), harmonica (Efraim Shamir), 12 strings guitar (Efraim) and Hawaiian guitar (Efraim).

In October Kaveret performed with Poogy Tales for the last time.