Poogy Tales - Cover

LP serial number: BAN-14376
CD serial number: CD-14376

Total length: 54:48

Bonus Tracks
Spontaneous and home recordings
Analog editing: "Sigma" Studios, June 1989
Technician: Yehuda Zaiton

Remixed Tracks
Remixed in "Hammon" Studios, June 1989
Mix echnician: Ya'akov Moreno
Assistant echnician: Ami Eyali

"Poogy 71", "Mathematics" & "Piano Lesson"
Excerpts from "Poogy Side Shows" (Pinot Poogy) which were broadcasted on Galey Tzahal radio station in Dory Ben-Ze'ev's "From Me To You" (MiMeni Elaich)

"Efraim's Boots" & "There Were Nights"
Live improvisation, recorded during a rehearsal in "Bet-Arlozorov", 1973

Recorded in "Triton" studios, except for "Self Service"

Original record producer: Avraham Deshe (Pashanel)
A special production of Hed-Arzi Records and the Popular Theatre (HaTeatron Ha'Amami) - A. Deshe (Pashanel)

Digital copies: "Rolly" studios, June 1989
Digital editing: H.M. Acoustics, Ben Bernfeld, July 1989
Producers: Danny Sanderson & Haim Shemesh
Assistant producer: Hadas Shveki
CD cover designer: Rafi Daiagi (based upon the original sleeve)

Special thanks to Avraham Deshe (Pashanel), Dorit Lentz and Yair Nitzani for their help, and especially the members for their cooperation

The Show "Poogy Tales" (Sipurey Poogy) by Kaveret was produced by A. Deshe Pashanel in 1973

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© 1989 Hed Arzi Records (1973) LTD