Kaveret In The Park - Cover

CD serial number: 64020

CD 1 total length: 73:44
CD 2 total length: 59:38
CD 3 total length: 23:57
Total length: 157:19

Danny Sanderson - Vocals and guitar
Gidi Gov - Vocals
Alon Oleartchik - Vocals and bass
Efraim Shamir - Vocals and guitar
Yonny Rechter - Vocals and keyboards
Yitzhak Klapter - Vocals and guitar
Meir Fenigstein - Vocals and drums

Tal Bergman - Drums and percussion

Recorded live, HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv 28.5.1998

The Concert:

Arrangements and musical production: Kaveret
Executive producer: Shmulik Bornstein
Production manager: Adi Osi
Artistic adviser: Louis Lahav
Lighting design: Bambi
Set design: Dudu Mezah
Sound: Eldad Tamir, Eitan Gidron
Amplifying and lighting: "Betty Bam"
Stage manager: Oren Ben Nun
Production assistant: Michal Poichtunger
Production secretary: Dekel Namdar
Public Relations: Miri Ben Yosef

The Concert CD:

Musical producer: Danny Sanderson
Additional musical producers: Efraim Shamir, Alon Oleartchik

Recording technician and mixing: Liron Shefer
Additional recordings technician: Itamar Eshpar
Technician assistants: Yaron Green, Ronen Stern
The concert was recorded and mixed by "Zaza" - recording studio van, June '98
Recording producers: Amnon Yalon, Yaron Ayun
Concert recording: Yoad Nevo
Mastering and digital editing: Yizhar Ashdot - Yizhar Ashdot's studio

On The Way To The Park (the 3rd CD):

Musical producer: Danny Sanderson
Recording technician: Ohad Dekel "D.B. Studios", Shmulik Daniel "Hook Studios"
Technician assistant: Keren Felkenstein
Mastering and digital editing: Yizhar Ashdot - Yizhar Ashdot's studio, except "Remember, Don't Remember" - Gil Toren, "Looking For A Way Back" - Haim Gozali
Editing assistants: Elida Ramon, Tal Matmor

All tracks were recorded in "D.B. Studios" except "Yeled", "Panas Boded", "Jam", "Chromatika", "Golden Heart (Jam)", "Kaveret On 45", recorded in "Hook Studios"

All tracks are improvised and recorded live to DAT except "Looking For A Way Back", "Remember, Don't Remember", "Kaveret On 45"

Sleeve design: Hadar Kaplan
Sleeve photographers: Eldad Refaeli, Ziv Koren, Amir Meiri, Gadi Dagon, Koko
Print production: Mati Elhanati
Public Relations: Brookner Neta
Marketing and distribution: Hed Arzi

Executive Producer: Adi Osi
Producers: Yehuda Talit, Michael Tapuah

Instruments courtesy of "Kley Zemer"

A warm thanks to: A. Deshe Pashanel, Asher Bitansky

Thanks to Yizhar Ashdot for his help

A special thanks to "Tnuva" - Arik Raichman, Michal Rais, Ofer Bloch, Yossi Yesha'ayahu

Thanks: "Hook Studios" - Shmulik and Lilach, Riki Goldstein, Sharoa Hain, Uri Or Yareah, Michal Harpaz

Produced By "Talit Productions" and "Hammon Productions"

© 1998 Hed Arzi LTD