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This survey was taken throughout the website's existance. It's inactive now.

Survey last updated on: 01/07/99

Favorite Album
1.Poogy Tales (Sipurey Poogy)1866.66%
2.Poogy In A Pitah (Poogy BePita)414.81%
3.Kaveret In The Park (Kaveret BaPark)311.11%
4.Live Summer 1984 (Hofa'a Haya Kayitz 1984)27.40%
5.Crowded In The Ear (Tzafuf BaOzen)00.00%

Favorite Song
1.The Ballad Of Arivederchi (HaBalada Al Ari VeDerchi)619.35%
2.Adulterous Boots (HaMagafaim Shel Baruch)516.13%
3.Things Could Be Better (Yeled Mizdaken)412.90%
Goliath (Goliat)412.90%
4.The Grocery Store (Shir MaMakolet)26.45%
5.Inspite Of Everything (Lamrot HaKol)13.23%
The Crux Of The Matter (Po Kavur HaKelev)13.23%
It's Been Nice (Nehmad)13.23%
Yo Ya (Yo Ya)13.23%
I Gave Her My Life (Nataty La Hayay)13.23%
The Fingernail Eater (Ochel TaTzipornaim)13.23%
Frogs Tango (Tango Tzfardeim)13.23%
Childhood (Shi'ur Moledet)13.23%
Idiot's Lament (Shir HaTembel)13.23%
Just What I Like (Kacha Hi Ba'Emtza)13.23%