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The Truth Behind The 1998 Reunion

Back in July 1996, I went to Jerusalem 13th International Film Festival.

I've been to the premiere of Eitan Green's "Zolgot HaDmaot MeAtzman". After the premiere there was a little celebrities coctail party outside the cinemateque, so I went there (I was hungry!).

After talking with several celebrities, such as actor Avi Greinik and director Eitan Green, I noticed someone who looked like Meir, but I wasn't sure - he didn't have his famous mole under his chin! So I waited a bit, staring at him (actor Aryeh Moskuna thought I was staring at him and got a bit annoyed), till I heard someone calling him 'Meir', and only then I was sure.

I approached him and introduced myself. I told him I was a huge kaveret fan and asked him if he was still drumming. He said that he has no time for it, running the Los Angeles and New York Israeli film festivals. I told him that I had never seen Kaveret on stage, not counting the performance on Rabin's memorial day (in which he didn't took part), and asked him if they were going to reunite again. He told me that he had thought about reuniting on 1998 independence day, in which they will celebrate Kaveret's 25th anniversary and 50 years to Israel, but that he hadn't yet spoken to the other members, so he wasn't really sure. He added that he didn't believe people would still want to see Kaveret reuniting again. I immediately told him that I know lots of people who would love to see them together again, and he was a bit surprised.

I don't want to take too much credit to myself, but I think this was the point where he decided to talk to the others and reunite again. And as they say, the rest is history...

No, I'm kidding, of course. We continued talking a bit, this time about me, and then we went our separate ways.

So this encounter may or may not had an impact on Poogy, but it sure had an impact on me. Later, when I thought about it, I decided to do something for Kaveret, and a few months later, in November 1996, I opened this site, first in order to let the world know about the upcoming reunion, and later, as the days went by and the site grew, to give Kaveret fans a home on the web.