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Pictures From A Band's Life - Pictures

Click on any of the following thumbnails to get a full size picture.

  • All of the pictures are taken from Tzvi Shissel's movie documenting the 1990 reunion.

    Yonny Rechter.
    Yitzhak Klapter holding a puppy during The Crux Of The Matter (Po Kavur HaKelev).
    The members and their wives in the bus. Sitting in the front: Gidi Gov, Meir Fenigstein and Danny Sanderson.
    Alon Oleartchik.
    Yitzhak Klapter.
    Meir Fenigstein drumming.
    Efraim Shamir during Yo-Ya.
    Danny Sanderson during Yo-Ya.
    Yitzhak Klapter during Yo-Ya.
    Danny Sanderson and Meir Fenigstein improvising backstage.
    Danny Sanderson and Gidi Gov, who has just came out of the shower backstage.
    Yitzhak Klapter, Alon Oleartchik, Gidi Gov, Efraim Shamir and Danny Sanderson.
    Efraim Shamir.
    Gidi Gov.
    Gidi Gov as Haim Slotzky and Meir Fenigstein during The Senior (HaVatik).
    Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson during Lu Lu. Efraim Shamir is drumming instead of Meir Fenigstein.
    Meir Fenigstein.
    Yitzhak Klapter, Alon Oleartchik, Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson, moving along Tea And Sugar (Sukar BaTe).
    Danny Sanderson and Yonny Rechter surprised by Efraim Shamir's singing, during Tea And Sugar (Sukar BaTe).
    Meir Fenigstein, Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson saying grace, during Gidi Gov's birthday feast.
    Kaveret and the production crew, raising a toast.
    Yitzhak Klapter playing and Alon Oleartchik dancing around.
    Yitzhak Klapter and the loving crowd, during It's Been Nice (Nehmad).