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A Free Sanderson Performance

Well, it was back in 1994...

My mom is a teacher, and so is Doron's, who is a friend of mine. Danny had a gig in front of one of those teachers organizations ("Histadrut HaMorim", or whatever), and both my and Doron's moms gave us their double invitations. So we had 4 tickets to a Sanderson stand-up and songs concert.

We took two of our friends, and went to the local auditorium, where we met most of our teachers from all times... It was kind of spooky. We entered the lobby and some of the teachers were annoyed that they had to see pupils in a teachers-only evening.

So some complained to the management, and we were given our money back and kicked out. Naturally, we were kind of upset, and started thinking what to do. Then we had an idea (which was probably affected by watching too many hollywood films) - we thought that we'd wait for Danny, and when he'd arrive we'd tell him our story, and he would be so shocked he'd get us our tickets back.

So we waited outside. Suddenly, we saw a moving car with no driver. Then when we looked again saw it was Danny who drove it... The car stopped, and Danny came out of it, together with a woman (named Limor. probably his PR or something). We told him our story, and he said he wasn't sure if something can be done. We took a picture with him, and afterwards he vanished into the auditoriom. Limor told us she and Danny would talk to the management of the auditorium.

So we waited, disappointed from Danny's attitude (we thought he was probably upset knowing he was going to perform in front of teachers...). What we didn't know is that in the meanwhile, Danny and Limor were discussing a way to get us inside. Suddenly Limor came back and told us we could sneak in and sit on the stage, behind the scenes. We thanked her of course, and got inside. We sat and watched Danny's show, which was excellent.

After the show was over, Danny felt better and came to talk to us. he gave us his autograph (well, we were only 14, you know). He was much nicer after the show was over, and turned out successful.

We asked him to come back for more shows, and he promised he will.

Not much of a punch line, isn't it?