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The album VOICE IN A BOX is an attempt to create a realization of Doron Djerassi's musical vision, by trying to capture and perpetuate his unique sensibilities, as were expressed on one October afternoon.

VOICE IN A BOX was created in a very unorthodox way: the songs were constracted upon old recordings in which vocalist Doron Djerassi improvised lyrics and melodies. Further overdubs of various instruments and additional vocals were added by Nadav Lazar only half a year after the original recordings were made.

Total length of the original unedited recordings: 1:03:45
Total length of the final album: 0:35:51

Lead vocals: Doron Djerassi

Backing vocals, all instruments* and various weird noises throughout the album: Nadav Lazar
* Bass guitar on Stand By Me: Doron Djerassi

All tracks written by Doron Djerassi and composed by Doron Djerassi & Nadav Lazar, except:
Stand By Me written and composed by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Ben E. King
The Retard Blues written by Doron Djerassi and Nadav Lazar and composed by alcohol
Eizeketa Studios
Original lyrics were improvised live on October 1st, 2001 in HaMagid 3 Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel. Additional recordings were made all throughout March-May 2002 in Eizeketa Studios, Prague, Czech Republic

Arrangements, editing and mixing: Nadav Lazar
Cover & booklet design: Dan Barzel

Produced by Doron Djerassi and Nadav Lazar
All rights reserved, 2002.


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