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You can print your own copy of the VOICE IN A BOX CD booklet and tray page, using either of the following sets, designed especially for printing on A3 and A4 paper accordingly.

In order to print them out, either click on a thumbnail to see the full sized image, then print it from your browser, or right click a thumbnail and choose "Save Target As...", then print the saved file using your favorite software.

Notes: the full size images are at 300dpi. The CD booklet pages should be printed from both sides of the same page. The CD booklet pages printed size should be 21 x 29 cm, and the tray page printed size should be 15 x 11.7 cm.

Full Version
For Print on A3 Paper
Faded Margins Version
For Print on A4 Paper
CD Booklet Front Page CD Booklet Front Page, A3 Version CD Booklet Front Page, A4 Version
CD Booklet Back Page CD Booklet Back Page, A3 Version CD Booklet Back Page, A4 Version
CD Tray Page CD Tray Page


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