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Simulation of old
age, a fictional self-portrait, 2003

: Self-Portrait...?
I approached this as a make-up artist would, placing layer after layer of "digital make-up" and letting the layers build on one another. But first of all, I changed the structure of my face, judging by facial features which have slightly changed during the years. I enlarged my chin, neck and nose curve, and made my eye sockets more sunken. I trimmed my hair and reconstructed the left ear. Using a sample of my own skin texture, I created a texture of pale wrinkled skin, full of capillaries. I pasted it all over the face and retouched it as needed, using different blending modes and transparencies. I added "fat" below the chin, "dyed" the hair and made it look thinner. I knew it was good when I started resembling my father...