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Fictitious newspaper articles
designed for a short movie sequence, 2001

: Don't Shoot!
using a real newspaper as a starting point, I replaced the picture and the headline text, as well as the caption beneath the picture. I designed a logo for the story, as is accustomed in daily newspapers, and placed it next to the picture. I used textures I created from actual newspapers to make the new headline look real. I also manipulated the picture to transform it into the halftone style which is used in daily newspapers.

: Arrested
The process was similar here - I took texture samples from the actual newspaper and applied them to new headlines, written in an identical font, then changed the picture accompanying the story. In this case, the picture had to be manipulated and retouched as leaves from the tree beside the police station sign covered some of the text. I removed them and rebuilt the sign, manipulating a similar font into shape. I added the logo I designed for the story, and changed its layout as it had to fit in a bigger space.

: Reaction
In this clip I used the existing layout in the paperclip I manipulated to place pictures in a slightly more original fashion. The same process of making the new text and pictures fit in with the rest of the page using textures, contrast and halftone filter were applied here as well.