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Animated Christmas greeting card, 2002

Click here to see Xmas 2002 greeting card.

: Animation
This animated greeting card has a story behind it: it was sent via e-mail from the tenants of The Pink House, which was temporarily occupied by Israelis only at the time. I started by sketching the house roughly with a pencil, and based on that prepared another sketch in a more lively style. The last sketch was used as a basis for creating The Pink House in Freehand. I then imported the elements to Flash, where I started toying around with composition. The fence and the house itself where placed on two different layers, so I could imitate camera movement and perspective. I then created an animation of random snowflakes falling and placed it on top of everything. I recorded music and synchronized the animation to it, and chose the wacky font to go along with the silliness of the clip.