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"The Lonely Man", CD design
for a single with bonus tracks. 2000

: Front Cover
In order to create the impression that the artist, "The Lonely Man" after which the album is named, is out of time and out of place, I chose a picture of the artist in which he has a weird haircut, added motion blur, and placed it over a picture from the 50's tinted in sepia tones, creating the illusion the woman in the background is suspiciously looking at the weird looking artist in the foreground.

: Booklet Back Cover
Trying to communicate a feeling of loneliness, I chose four pictures relating to the subject: An old homeless sleeping in the street, a sewerage drain covered with leaves, a young guy in a sleeping bag in an unknown territory, and bare lanscape in the desert. I tinted each picture with different tones.

: Tray
I used a tinted image of a lone abandoned building. I liked the fact that the building actually had two facades, as it might imply that being alone is not necessarily about being one.