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The Members

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Clicking on the index values, such as DS, links to that section of the left navigation bar, whereas:
K stands forKaveret
DS stands forDanny Sanderson
GG stands forGidi Gov
AO stands forAlon Oleartchik
ES stands forEfraim Shamir
YK stands forYitzhak Klapter
YR stands forYonny Rechter
MF stands forMeir Fenigstein

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stands forHebrew page

In these pages there is basic information about each member, such as date of birth, musical talents, family status and other works.

In these pages there are brief biographies of each of the members, stating important points in their lives.

In these pages there are lists of the albums each member took part in. Each entry is colored, where pink states a member's solo album, blue states a member's band album, and yellow states an album which the member took part in as a musician / writer / composer / producer etc.
Each entry includes album's English title, year of release, Hebrew title (written in brackets), the member's contribution to the album, and the artist whose album it was. In case of Kaveret's albums, clicking on an album's name links to its navigation bar.
(C) stands for Collection.
(L) stands for Live album.

In these pages there are lists of the films and television shows each member took part in. Each entry includes the movie/TV show's English title, year of release, Hebrew title, the role(s) the member had and the director and producer whose film it was.
Clicking on a film's name links to its Internet Movie Database (IMDb) entry.
(TV) stands for Television Shows.
(DOC) stands for Documentary.
stands for More information.

In these pages there are pictures of each of the members. Clicking on a thumbnail links to a bigger picture.

In these pages there are scans of the members' autographs.

In these pages there are references to other sources over the world wide web regarding each of the members, including my own personal remarks.

Compiled Discography
In this page there is information about all of the albums any of Kaveret's members ever took part in, showing the albums in which they collaborated. More information in the page itself.

In these pages there are interviews with some of the members.