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History - Background

Danny Sanderson (guitars), Gidi Gov, Alon Oleartchik (bass), Efraim Shamir (guitars) and Meir Fenigstein (drums), met during their military service in the Nahal band (Lahakat HaNahal) in 1970. They played and sang together.

In 1971, Danny and Meir (Poogy) went with the band to perform a concert. There was a band called Mefalsim which was introduced by a man with a funny voice. Meir started impersonating him, and that's how Poogy's voice (WAV 65k) was created.

Meir and Danny had a side show on Dori Ben Ze'ev's radio show "From Me To You" (MiMeni Elaich) in which they co-wrote with Menahem Zilberman sketches and funny songs. The sketches Poogy 71, Mathematics (Matamatika) and Piano Lesson (Shi'ur Psanter) were recorded on that show.

Danny wrote a rock opera all by himself. Actually, it was the first rock opera ever to be written in Hebrew. He tried selling the concept to different producers but no one bought it. He decided to form a band that will record the opera and he intended to self finance it mostly by by playing in schools, weddings and bar-mitzvas.