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History - 1989

Hed Arzi has released Kaveret's three studio albums on CDs, and added a few bonus tracks to each album.

To Poogy Tales (Sipurey Poogy) the sketches Poogy 71, Mathematics (Matamatika) and Piano Lesson (Shi'ur Psanter) and the rehearsals-recorded songs Efraim's Boots (HaMagafaim Shel Efraim) and There Were Nights (Hayu Leilot) were added.

To Poogy In A Pitah (Poogy BePita) the songs Golden Heart (Im Haya Li Lev Zahav), Let Me Live (Tnu Lihyot) and Blackout (Hafsakat Hashmal) and the rehearsals-recorded conversation Settlement Song (Hora) were added.

To Crowded In The Ear (Tzafuf Ba'Ozen) the songs Instrumental Tzfoof Ba'ozen (Hakdama Tizmortit Tzafuf BaOzen) and Shula (Mehakim LeShula), the rehearsals-recorded songs Aptchi and What Do You See (Ma Ata Ro'e) and the improvised story Tarzan were added.

The bonus recordings were analogically edited in "Sigma" studios in June.

The albums themselves were digitally remastered in "Rolly" studios. The songs The Grocery Store (Shir HaMakolet), The Crux Of The Matter (Po Kavur HaKelev) and It's Been Nice (Nehmad) were remixed in "Hammon" studios. The album Live Summer 1984 (Hofa'a Haya Kayitz 1984) wasn't released due to legal problems with the album's rights, shared between Hed Arzi and NMC, then called CBS.