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More corrections and over-dubs

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Posted by Ofir Zwebner on October 03, 1998 at 12:37:57:


I found some more over-dubs:

"NECHMAD" - on the performance Shamir sang: "MA OMER HA-LAILA...". This was corrected to "MA OSIM HA-LAILA".

On "Yo-Ya" Gov kept forgetting the lyrics. Unlike Shamir who attended the "over-dub" sessions, Gov seems to have left the work for Sanderson. Danny ad-libs the following lines: "LU HA'YA PACHOT TIPESH", and also merges into Gov's singing of "KSHE-NICHNAS SOF-SOF LA'YAM..." and corrects the next two lines which Gov sang wrongly. "YO-YA" is typically a Gov song, so I believe it was an ad-lib, not a remix of Sanderson's microphone tuned up.

I'm curious why Gov couldn't find some studio time to correct his mistakes.

The rest of the solos of "Yo-ya" were chopped down, removing some "dead" parts. On stage, the band didn't know where to come back after the drummer's solo, but this is not evident in the CD.

All in all I really enjoy the CD. I particularly liked the "ANI VE'AT AZ" by Klapter and I think the band's rendition of "HI HOLECHET BADRACHIM" is simply superb. I think the CD captures a lot of the band's excitement and in that aspect it has actually moved me.

All for now,


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