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Re: Re-recorded material in KITP

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Posted by Ofir Zwebner on October 01, 1998 at 17:46:42:

In Reply to: Re-recorded material in KITP posted by Nadav Lazar on September 30, 1998 at 09:56:53:


Gidi Gov's remarks just before "Yesh Lanu Eretz Nehederet" goes:
דיגהל קר הצור ינא
תרדהנ ץרא ונל שי
האלפנ ץרא ונל שי
רדהנ םע ונל שי
תרדהנ השיא יל שי
ןייוצמ ץעוי יל שי
ןאכ אלפנ לכה ,ללכב

Either Sanderson or Shamir asks:
?ךלש ץעויה ימ

Gov replies:
יתשא -

Tal Bergman's drum solo between the 'unplugged' and "Hora" has been drastically cut, removing a wrong guitar entry.

I compared the Arik Sharon part to the live radio broadcast and it sounds identical.

Shamir's soaring throat at the high tone of "Hora" is identical to that in the show. However the "downfall" was corrected.
So "Yatza ha'nachal La...." is live, then comes "Saaaa" which was re-recorded, and "...Dot" is also live. The re-recording was done rather poorly. You can here the tape changing pitch when the re-recording starts. Also, if you listen carefully, you can faintly hear Shamir's lower voice as captured by other microphones.
I don't think he made it any worse than it was.

Another obvious re-recording is Shamir at the start of "Shi'ur Moledet". On the performance he missed the tone and almost whispered the lower tone on the first verse. The final album had this corrected.

The most notable correction is that of eliminating many of Gov's bursts into the front. He originally sang along enthusiastically (most notably on the instrumental bridge in Ari-Ve-Derchi) or just placed 'witty' comments. This was [wisely] removed.

The "Ha-Vatik" interview was slightly chopped, removing some funny spontaneous remarks. (Why was Trumpeldor occupied in hitchhiking? What does Slutzki love writing Bialik Songs? Lo-La-Zipor being a sexual song... You've lost the song? (I'badetem Oto?) - better find him then)

"Kaveret On 45" - NO WAY it was recorded in "Hawk Studio" as written in the booklet. I'm sure it's from the 1984 live album.

All for now,


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