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Singles - Songs

1.She Looked Me In The Eyes
Writer: Danny Sanderson
2:57 Composer: Danny Sanderson
2.Morris And His Turtle

Writer: Danny Sanderson
4:15 Composer: Danny Sanderson

3.Remember, Don't Rememberרכוז אל ,רכוז
(Zocher, Lo Zocher)Writers: Danny Sanderson, Alon Oleartchik & Meir Fenigstein
3:41 Composers: Danny Sanderson, Efraim Shamir, Meir Fenigstein & Moshe Vilansky

4.Looking For A Way Backהרזח ךרד שפחמ
(Mehapes Derech Hazara)Writers: Danny Sanderson, Alon Oleartchik, Efraim Shamir & Gidi Gov
3:52 Composers: Danny Sanderson, Alon Oleartchik & Efraim Shamir