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About Me...

My name is Nadav Lazar. I was born on February 7th 1980 (this makes me... twenty-something, right?). I was born in Nahariya, lived a few years in Tel Aviv, and spent a year and half in Prague, the Czech Republic, composing music and drinking beer (what else?). Now I'm back in Tel Aviv, composing even more music, working in graphics and trying not to get myself killed because of other people's stupidity.

Music and cinema are my two major interests.

I play several instruments, such as piano, guitar and bass guitar, trying to focus on the latter. Among my favorite musicians you may find (careful, namedropping!) Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Cardiacs, The Beatles, Camel, Jethro Tull, Shem Tov Levy, Matti Caspi, Yonni Rechter (as well as the rest of Kaveret's members, naturally) and many more.

As for films, my favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, Lars von Trier, David Cronenberg, Bob Fosse, Darren Aronofsky, Michael Haneke and many others.

And a few pictures of me with some friends:

Me and Doron, 1998

This picture was taken in May 28th, 1998, after Kaveret's excellent reunion. From left to right: Doron Djerassi, the silent partner in building this site who actually introduced me to Kaveret's music, and me.

Danny Sanderson and the guys, 1994

This picture was taken in 1994, when me and my friends met Danny Sanderson in Nahariya. You can read all about it, it's a nice story. From left to right: Me, Doron, Danny Sanderson, Eyal Briller and Lior Laufer.

Meir Fenigstein with Doron and me, 1997

Uh, I hate this picture. It was taken in 1997, when me and Doron met Meir Fenigstein in Jerusalem. From left to right: Doron, Meir Fenigstein and me. And yes, I know my eyes look funny. They're not really mine - I actually blinked in the original photo, and this is my lousy attempt to rewrite reality using Photoshop.

More pictures can be found in the Pictures section.

Unfortunately, I had to shut down this website in July 1999, and leave it as an archive. You can read more about it by clicking on the following links:

I hope you will enjoy this site. For any kind of information, you can always e-mail me.

Nadav Lazar.