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Reading Hebrew

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible in any way to any damage that may happen by using any of the solutions suggested in this page.

If you can read and print the Hebrew text in the yellow box below, then your browser is already configured for reading Hebrew. If you are unable to read the text from any reason, please try using the solutions below. If you encounter difficuties installing the Hebrew fonts yourself you are welcomed to e-mail me, indicating your Windows version and browser type and version and some adding information about the problems occured.

Proportional font:היעב םוש ןיא ,הפ בותכה תא אורקל ןתינ םא
Fixed font:
היעב םוש ןיא ,הפ בותכה תא אורקל ןתינ םא

Some pages in this site are Hebrew documents. Since the Internet's main language is English, most of the browsers available today, including Netscape Navigator and some of Microsoft Explorer's versions, don't have implanted Hebrew support.

This may create some of these problems:

  1. The text is shown in Latin letters.
    Solution: Download and install Hebrew fonts.
  2. The text is spelled backwards on screen.
    Solution: Download and install Hebrew fonts.
  3. The text is spelled backwards when printed.
    Solution: Read the following instructions.
    Solution 2: Download HTMLFlip from This software mirrors Hebrew text copied into it, allowing to paste it in any word processor, and then print it correctly.
For my best knowledge, these solutions work with ALL versions of Microsoft Windows 3.x and Windows 95.